About the Site

What is SiteCreative?

SiteCreative is a selection of our favorite photographers, media artists, and image makers.

The boom in digital photography has created a marketplace crowded with talent, and this site is our effort to give some added attention to those creative professionals who wow us with their work and inspire us with their images.

Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram have millions of people sharing millions upon millions of images daily.

If they are the ocean crashing on the Internet beach, we’re the tranquil little tide pool where a microcosm of creatures is set aside, selected from the sea.

We ask each artist selected for the site to feature a single image that represents who they are.

If you follow through to their sites, you’ll find many more images, but we like the serendipity of letting a single image speak for the whole body of work here. Like a glance across a crowded room, it’s a brief opportunity to connect, almost by instinct.

We hope that you’ll browse through our gallery and spot that one picture that speaks to you so immediately, you just have to click and see what’s next.