Alina Thomas Photography


Lynchburg wedding photographers Timothy and Alina are a husband and wife photography team based in Central Virginia. They work together as Alina Thomas Photography, specializing in wedding and engagement photography. They provide professional photography services to engaged couples, primarily located in Lynchburg, Virginia and the surrounding regions. While not only excelling in customer satisfaction, they have also worked in some of Virginia’s most popular wedding venues. Timothy and Alina are honored to have their work featured on local and national wedding blogs, as well as being published in print in national and international magazines.

Alina Thomas Photography came into being as a result of Alina’s passion for arts and design. Soon after Timothy and Alina got married, Timothy began to discover the art of photography as he traveled with his wife for photo sessions. In 2012 he joined Alina Thomas Photography as a second shooter and has been on board ever since. The husband and wife team works together at every single event now, and have developed a meticulously-designed system to better serve their wedding clients throughout their wedding day. They have established essential photography duties for themselves as both the primary and secondary shooters and follow them accordingly in order to ensure that the wedding photography runs flawlessly. During the getting ready portion of the wedding day, Alina usually photographs the bride and her bridesmaids as they are preparing for the ceremony, as well as the most important wedding details such as the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flower bouquets, etc. While all of this is going on, Timothy joins the groom and his bridal party and takes candid shots of their priceless moments prior to the ceremony. If the couple chooses to do a first look before the ceremony, Alina and Timothy work together in capturing the soon-to-be wedded couple’s reaction to seeing each other for the first time in their wedding attire. During the wedding ceremony and reception, the two photographers strive to capture candid shots as the event unfolds, knowing at each time what specific photographs they are individually supposed to document (e.g. Alina will capture the bride and her dad as they are walking down the aisle, while Timothy will capture the groom’s reaction to seeing his wife-to-be for the first time, assuming they did not decide to do a first look prior to the ceremony).

Alina and Timothy, a couple that is passionate about wedding photography, do their best to create everlasting memories through their lenses for each and every single couple they come in contact with. They believe that client satisfaction is vital and are committed to taking their couple’s breaths away with heart-stopping photographs. With their shared passion, experience and love for their dear couples, this photography team is dedicated to making the wedding day as exceptional as can be for the bride and groom!

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