Dumplings Photography

My name is Liya, and I am a children’s Lifestyle Photographer based in Hampstead, London. I initially got involved in photography at school where we started from the very basics – using a cardboard box camera, holding the “shutter” open for 10 minutes; developing the photos in a pseudo-darkroom. I continued to feed my artistic passion for photography in University, moving on to the digital format.

My style is a mix of photo-journalism and candid, contemporary portraiture. It evolved while overcoming the ever exciting challenges of photographing active and uncooperative toddlers (my own included). Their refusal to pose is the result of the very same innate characteristic that makes young children the most captivating subjects to photograph – their genuine nature.

During a session I try to encourage my mini super models’ spontaneity and excitement by interacting on their level – through play (and occasional bribery). I capture the best shots just hanging out with my littlest clients, waiting for that special moment to present itself.

My fluid, informal approach beautifully captures their signature exuberance and wonder. Such images are the most treasured in my family and I feel extremely privileged for the chance to capture immaculate little moments of joy, contemplation, concentration, stubbornness, naughtiness, cheekiness, shyness, and mostly pure LOVE for other families as well.

After the session the client is presented with a set of 50-200 beautiful images in color and B&W. Each professionally retouched and finished to my artistic standard.

Dumplings offer an entirely bespoke service, tailored to suit the requirements and budget of every client.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an exceptional artistic standard of images, attention to detail and client service before, during and after each shoot. Included with each purchased is an unlimited printing license and any requests for additional edits, for the life of the photograph.

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