Joshua Albanese Photography

Joshua Albanese Photography is a headshot and wedding photography studio located in the West Loop of downtown Chicago. We specialize in modern-art wedding photography with a photojournalistic twist and we take pride in providing our clients with incredible images coupled with excellent customer service.

We want our clients to be thrilled with our work 100% of the time. To us, this goes beyond just delivering the product, and encompasses our entire interaction with our clients from the initial contact to reviews and follow-up after the job has been completed. We want to go above and beyond for you, and will be happy to help with anything from assisting clients with personal website development to giving them our shoes on their wedding day.

We also want to emphasize that passion is an integral value to our company. A great wedding photographer must be passionate to be able to capture some of the strongest emotions humans have the capability to feel. We don’t view your headshot as just another 3 look package – we see it as a launch pad for your future, and we are invested in making you successful, because your success makes us look good, too. We don’t see your wedding as another 8-hour Saturday spent at church – we see this as the unity of two families, the promise to love and laugh, to forgive and forget, and to cherish one another forever.

To us, ‘good’ is a dirty word – we want to be exceptional. Because we feel this value is so important, we completely stand by our work. If our clients aren’t absolutely overjoyed by our work, we’ll do it again until it’s right. We have found that we build such strong relationships with our clients through their experiences with Joshua Albanese Photography that we remain friends long after the shoot is over. Which makes sense, really – part of the reason our clients pick us is because they feel our personalities blend well with theirs (which is incredibly important when spending the whole day with this person). This is especially true with our wedding clients – we’re with them on one of the happiest days of their lives, we’ve met their entire family, and we may have even busted a move on the dance floor with your bridal party.

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