Linus Moran Photography

I am a Dorset wedding Photographer offering a unique blend of wedding photojournalism utilising both fine art stills photography and audio recordings from your day.

Combined they produce powerful photofilm presentations to be enjoyed and shared through everyday technologies such as tablets, phones and desktops.

A firm belief that the best Dorset wedding photography is achieved through observation, as opposed to orchestration, I aim to capture your day with natural wedding photography. Timeless imagery invoking feelings that consistently bring you back to that moment, time and again.

I work from a studio based in Dorchester but travel throughout the county and the rest of the UK to cover the finest weddings.

The Italian Villa, Lulworth Castle, Parley Manor and beach weddings Bournemouth all being regular features in my calendar.

I am proud of my professional photographic pedigree, having worked for 15 years for the country’s leading media organisations. Capturing the story is something that comes naturally to me, being able to deliver award-winning images no matter the circumstance.

Having documented the story behind many a National news events I now utilise my skills in telling the story within the wedding day environment.

Seeing weddings as life’s greatest story to tell, with two families joining as one. A day rich in warm, tender moments of genuine connection between people. It is a rite of passage, along with being a public statement deserving of being captured by one of the finest Dorset wedding Photographer’s.

I aim to deliver a truthful, accurate record of your day, which will be viewed as a valued family heirloom. Both creative and timeless, highlighting memories and telling your story, as it really was.

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