Maciek Andrew Ki Photography

I wish I could say that I picked up my first camera at the age of 3, fell in love with photography, and started pursuing my passion. However, most of that wouldn’t be true, and you probably don’t care. I have loved photography for as long as I could remember, but I didn’t start shooting until 1997 when I enrolled in a high school photography class. We used film back then, black and white film to be specific. Developing a photograph in a darkroom is an experience that everyone should have at least once. The feeling that you get when you see an image appear on a once-blank sheet of paper is magical. Today, film has been replaced by pixels. Photoshop and Lightroom have replaced the darkroom. The vision and care required to capture a great moment, however, has not changed. I have always loved the way a moment can be frozen in time. I believe in creating beautiful and honest photographs that, when strung together, tell a story. That’s the best part about being a photographer: being able to capture and then re-tell those stories. Some photographs can change the world, while others will simply mean the world to someone.

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