Scott-Wood Photography

Kevin Scott Wood has photographed weddings in some of the leading venues in the UK, and has had the privilege to photograph weddings in stunning locations around Lake Garda, Florence and Siena, Tuscany. He is a featured photographer at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk and his work has been published in many leading publications including Wedding Venues and Services Magazine in the UK, the Spanish on line journal Beautiful Blue Brides and internationally in Paris and New York.

Each wedding photographed by Kevin is unique, a ‘one time only’ event. Passionate and creative, he works predominantly with available natural light, anticipating those intrinsically special moments and capturing them it with the discretion, sensitivity, humour and integrity for which he is known. He will inspire you to be you….the result, timeless beautiful images of your special day.

Says Kevin:

‘I have always loved photography and treasure the images from my own life that provide my memories; an early childhood spent in the Far East; family occasions and my own wedding. If someone asked me to sum up what defines me as a photographer I would say that it is a combination of personal and professional life experiences: inspiration from luminary Sebastião Salgado, whose work has the capability to literally take my breath away and photographer Eve Arnold who photographed Marilyn Monroe at her most be artful and captivating. Being a professional photographer is the culmination of many years of hard work, study, a little bit of luck and the support and mentorship of many good people (including support from Rowena my wife who ensures the smooth running of the business so that my creative focus remains on track!)

I would say my style of photography is photojournalism, anticipating what can happen and being there when it does. I love photographing people so weddings and events are a natural fit for me and sometimes I get to combine my love photographing people with my other passions, travel and architecture photographing fantastic events at incredible venues across the UK, Italy, France and the USA and I am honoured to be the official photographer for St Marks English Church in Florence.

My clients appreciate quality, creativity and a very personal luxury service. They want something special from their photography that is as individual as they are. To create timeless beautiful images for them is a privilege born of an enduring passion that continues to inspire and motivate me every day.’

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