Sweet William Photography

Owned and operated by photographers William Bledsoe and his wife, Ashley, Sweet William Photography is an Albuquerque wedding photography studio that is passionate about creating beautiful images and providing their clients with the highest level of service possible.

Wedding photography has always been our focus and our specialty. In our experience, properly photographing a wedding requires fluency in both traditional portraiture and contemporary photojournalism.

When we’re shooting a wedding, most of our time is spent focused on photojournalism — an album full of people who are posed and smiling at the camera simply doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s the little details, the soft smiles, the laughter, the hugs and kisses that really paint a picture of your wedding day. Those are the images that will summon emotions you felt on that unforgettable day for years to come.

With that said, we realize the importance of traditional portraits. Your wedding may be the first and last time all of your closest family and friends have all gathered together, and it’s crucial to organize a few group photos. Photos like the bride with her father will serve as heirlooms for generations. Then, of course, there are those creative, fun, and romantic portraits of the bride and groom.

When all is said and done, you’re only left with the photographs to remember your wedding day by. We’ll make sure those photographs truly capture the people, moments, and details that made your wedding special.

At the end of the day, what makes us tick is the satisfaction of creating beautiful, meaningful images that make our clients smile.

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