York Place Studios

York Place Studios produce exquisite fine art wedding photography and cinematography alongside chic, enchanting portraiture and inventive commercial imagery – captured and hallmarked with their distinctive grace and elegance.

Dominique and Liam are documentary photographers and maintain an unobtrusive, ‘laissez-faire’ approach to their work, putting their clients at ease and thus revealing their true persona through the lens. Their niche artistry and seamless working relationship, nurtured by their bond as brother and sister, ensures that they capture vivid, enduring images that can be treasured for generations. They believe that the Wedding Day is an occasion that deserves to be cherished and not perturbed by a regimented approach to documenting the proceedings. Consequently, Dominique and Liam enjoy a status as two of the most dependable and esteemed fine art photographers in the UK.

With York Place Studios, the Bride and Groom each receive a dedicated photographer detailing every aspect of their wedding preparation and the emotion and excitement of the day. Dominique captures each precious moment associated with the Bride’s final hours as a single lady, whereas Liam documents the thrill and anticipation during Groom’s build-up to the moment he meets his charming bride. Afterwards, they work harmoniously during the celebrations to ensure that every joyous moment is portrayed intimately and accurately. Finally, every image is refined during the post-production stage with care and meticulous discernment to ensure that their love of their art is exemplified in every image. Dominique and Liam constantly evaluate and appraise their own work and continually motivate one another to push their work to the very frontiers of photography, ensuring the Bride and Groom receive a record of their day which is both timeless, yet à la mode.

Although they possess significant experience in portraiture, lifestyle and fashion photography, wedding photography -for which they have received worldwide praise from both their clients and peers – remains the forte of their business. However, should you desire photography, cinematography or both for your special day; York Place Studios can ensure a first-class, personalized service.

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